How to write a works cited page for wikipedia

You should not cite any particular author or authors for a Wikipedia article, in general. July 22,at Because nearly anyone can contribute to the article's content, many question the reliability of Wikipedia as a source. In one major variant, that used by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASMEcitation numbers are included in the text in square brackets rather than as superscripts.

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He who believes this may as well believe that if a great quantity of the one-and-twenty letters, composed either of gold or any other matter, were thrown upon the ground, they would fall into such order as legibly to form the Annals of Ennius.

Computer-science professors George Marsaglia and Arif Zaman report that they used to call one such category of tests "overlapping m- tuple tests" in lectures, since they concern overlapping m-tuples of successive elements in a random sequence. This presentation does not follow that rule.

If there are multiple headings on the page, it is also acceptable to place the subheading and then a paragraph number within that heading. Because almost all numbers are normal, almost all possible strings contain all possible finite substrings.

Sciences, mathematics, engineering, physiology, and medicine[ edit ] The American Chemical Society style, or ACS styleis often used in Chemistry and some of the physical sciences. For citation of Wikipedia as a site, use: The same applies to the event of typing a particular version of Hamlet followed by endless copies of itself; or Hamlet immediately followed by all the digits of pi; these specific strings are equally infinite in length, they are not prohibited by the terms of the thought problem, and they each have a prior probability of 0.

If so, MLA style allows the use of initials in italics to indicate the situation. Hence, the probability of the monkey typing a normal number is 1. For example, an in-text citation of a paper about Wikipedia would read: The date is formatted as day, abbreviated month and year.

It is not italicized, but the book title following it is. See Wikipedia, Bluebook, https: When the simulator "detected a match" that is, the RNG generated a certain value or a value within a certain rangethe simulator simulated the match by generating matched text.

How to Cite an Internet Source on the Works Cited Page

For example, an in-text citation of a paper about Wikipedia would read: Put the title of the article in quotation marks and provide a page number.

For reference books, which includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, and glossaries, the book title is preceded by the word In. Walker and Todd Taylor to give detailed guidelines for citing internet sources.

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This type of style is also called an "Authorship trigraph. University of Chicago Press, The following examples assume you are citing the Wikipedia article on Plagiarismusing the version that was submitted on July 22,at Indenting is like that of the bibliography.

Retrieved August 10,from https: But, if you choose to cite Wikipedia, Modern Language Association style provides guidance on how to cite an entry as a Web-based article. Please understand that Turabian does not have rules that cover anything like Wikipedia.

Infinite monkey theorem

His parallel implication is that natural laws could not produce the information content in DNA. Use sentence case for multiple-word terms or titles, where you capitalize the first word, the first word after a colon, and proper nouns.

This format reflects Rule This format reflects Rule Diehard tests Questions about the statistics describing how often an ideal monkey is expected to type certain strings translate into practical tests for random-number generators ; these range from the simple to the "quite sophisticated".

Burns is proud to have completed a Bachelor of Arts in mass communications at Indiana University, a degree she started working toward in Note that it is still your responsibility to ensure the citation meets all requirements.

Columbia Style offers models for both the humanities and the sciences. For citation of Wikipedia as a site, use: As an example, citing an article about Wikipedia would read: Only a subset of such real number strings albeit a countably infinite subset contains the entirety of Hamlet assuming that the text is subjected to a numerical encoding, such as ASCII.

In the Works Cited page, use the following structure: Burns shows Homer "a room with a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters. Legal citation The Bluebook is a citation system traditionally used in American academic legal writing, and the Bluebook or similar systems derived from it are used by many courts.

Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia

Here is an example:. In fact, if you’re writing a paper as a class assignment, your teacher may specifically prohibit citing Wikipedia. Scholarly papers should generally rely on peer-reviewed and other scholarly work vetted by experts in the field.

The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William fact, the monkey would almost surely type every possible finite text an infinite number of times.

However, the probability that monkeys filling the observable universe would. A citation is a reference to a published or unpublished source.

More precisely, a citation is an abbreviated alphanumeric expression embedded in the body of an intellectual work that denotes an entry in the bibliographic references section of the work for the purpose of acknowledging the relevance of the works of others to the topic of discussion at the spot where the citation appears.

đŸ”¥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. Works Cited Because Wikipedia does not publish a formal name of its authors, use the rules for citing a Web article with no author.

In the Works Cited page, use the following structure: "Title of Article.". The Works Cited page is a reference page utilized by the Modern Language Association. The MLA format is used for writing papers within the humanities and .

How to write a works cited page for wikipedia
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