An analysis of a commercial advertisement for volkswagen passat

As of right now, more and more advanced technology is being used in cars, especially with remote ignition. It used YouTube as the online vehicle starting four days before the Super Bowl and generating This specific musical composition is a strong peripheral cue due to its ability to grab attention from the first notes.

Especially with a big franchise as Star Wars, what better way to grab the attentions of the views by using something from pop-culture in a creative way. Again, although you may not know that you made these associations, they exist in the background to shape your ideas subconsciously.

These two elements successfully separate Volkswagen from all other carmakers by resonating with consumers. The only way to brighten his day is through the help of the Passat, which surprises young Vader, in fulfilling his dream. However, such a result might not be achieved without viewer interaction and active behaviour since the online content nowadays is widely shared and passed on via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Almost every single person watching would recognize it. Although, what the commercial does due in terms of logos is quickly slipped into the story of this commercial.

On the other hand, despite the large reach factor, the advertising quality is high and so is its volume; it has been argued whether the recall and recognition of the brands suffer due to the high clutter effect Jeong et al The first time that he background changes is when it move to the a bedroom.

The car is advertised as one a middle-upper class family could afford, so it would be a perfect car for a family in that range. Many things are present in this ad that, after a traditional TV view, are not extremely obvious.

Rhetorical Analysis: VW commercial

Together in a single scene these items come, together to give the audience the impression that this bedroom belongs to a little girl. Link to the Commercial: However, not less important was the repositioning objective based on the target audience, whereby Volkswagen was intended to move away from the purely youthful and fun appeal that seemed to be liked more by college students and young female adult customers, and move towards the mass market and broader target, by profiling a successful young family within the advert.

From the perspective of a video producer, discuss what you think are some of the most important design decisions used in creating this ad. The logos in this commercial lacks what is a lot of true reasoning since the commercial rather depends on emotion to gain the viewer.

Speaking of pathos, I will start my analysis with such. What is the purpose of this video. These authors emphasise that the primary motivation for a car purchase is positive and the emotional side of the communications is vital to establish the positive feelings towards the advertiser and liking of the brand and the product before the purchase of it purchasing it is even considered.

The sighing, frustration, all of these emotions are transmitted through his hands and body movement. Super Bowl is the most watched event in the USA every year Lafayette with a reach of million people in no author The third audience was aimed towards potential car buyer and fans of Volkswagon.

The reference to Star Wars, the cult movie saga which has been turned into a franchise that has been globally known for decades, is the key element of the advert.

Through whose eyes or perspective is information conveyed. This effect applied to the bandwagon technique of persuasion. One prominent strategy that the ad uses is the featuring of everyday household items.

In order to grab the attention of potential car buyers, Volkswagen not only needs to show their new car models, but also show a price tag that they can catch future Volkswagen owners and a brief preview of what the new model has to offer.

Until suddenly, outside his kitchen window he sees his father come home in his Passat. By time the Passat rolls up, the child is feeling down about not getting objects to move, and the audience feels how upset he is. I choose the Volkswagon one There are three questions that I will answers, which were provided for this blog post aka a blog post assignment 1.

This feature of the Passat is an excellent way to show a feature of the car and have it tie into the commercials story. The father does not receive a hug from his son. A rebuttal might be that other cars have remote start as well.

Volkswagen advertising

The story is indeed simple — the message itself is one-sided and has a closed ending. Jan 25,  · stylehairmakeupms.comis. What is the purpose of this video? What version of reality is it selling? The purpose of this commercial is that there is a little bit of “The Force” in everyone (even though realistically we do not have it.) as shown by the little boy and that force is focused into the new Passat.

Analysis of VW Force Ad. Using the powerful music of the iconic series in a commercial is ingenious, because it sparks a memory for many which in turn creates an association. Volkswagen reinforces the desire as parents reflect on their childhood. The point of the advertisement is to illustrate the power, “the Force” waiting to be.

Nov 10,  · VW Commercial Textual Analysis Casey Marlin. Das Auto Darth Vader Volkswagen Passat Commercial - Duration: Advertisement Analysis - Duration. Nov 19,  · Christian Lisle Ms. Hamel English November 19, An Intro and Background of a Volkswagen Commercial This infamous Volkswagen Commercial aired in as a Super Bowl commercial with a boy who just wanted to be like Darth Vader and use "The Force"(Sanburn).The ad specifically advertised VW's new Passat and tried to.

May 29,  · This is probably the best Volkswagen commercial EVER! And it was shot in Amsterdam by advertising agency DDB, Amsterdam! Leave your thoughts! I'm sure you'll love the ad! (Just clearing the air. Jun 14,  · Volkswagen Passat ‘The Force’ – Ad Analysis This entry was posted on June 14,in advertising, cars, superbowl and tagged advert, advertising, analysis, car, consumer psychology, emotion-driven choice, superbowl, the force, volkswagen.

An analysis of a commercial advertisement for volkswagen passat
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